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Tiefling Horizon Walker Ranger - Elkava

Tiefling Horizon Walker Ranger - Elkava

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An agent of Kavaramon, Elkava is one of his best. She is an agent of deceit and a huntress both. Her targets are often lulled into false security by her, and if they see through her lies will at best be battling an army of illusions before she finally plants a sword in their heart or an arrow in their throat. Now she seeks to sow discourse within Belfrie, acting on behalf of Kavaramon to spark ill content in their gods, the Tharameni.

Elkava was born in the Second Reverie of Hatred, and hate boiled in her as a young girl. But what she truly hated was what a low member of society she was in such a place in the Abyss. She felt destined for a greater path than a lowly girl fighting for scraps of food in the crags of the Reverie’s caves, or skulking about fortresses of Noble Nosmeni, stealing from their larder and killing any guards that caught sight of her. In one such occasion as the Arch Devil Kavaramon of the Sixth visited the Second Reverie, Elkava was caught pilfering his own host of trinkets, jewels and food he brought with him. Catching the girl red-handed, he asked her name. She lied. He asked if she was with anyone, and she began naming several of her rivals, saying they had put her up to the task. Also a lie.

Kavaramon was amused by the haughty attitude of the girl, and her willingness to lie even to the face of the Arch Devil of Deceit. He cut off both her hands and cut out her tongue as punishment, but told her she would earn them back so long as she served him, and the only thievery and lying she could do from then on would be on his command and with his blessing. If she were to stray from his service, her hands and tongue would rot away and no healer in the Nocturnal Abyss or the planes above could heal her. So, she took his offer, thinking that being in service of an Arch Devil would be a more glamorous and easier life for her. Though it was indeed more glamorous, living within his hellish palace, her life was even harder. 

The training she endured to become his servant was brutal, lashings were a regular punishment for failure, and talking back against her instructors would see her tongue removed until the day was over. But they taught her many things, making her skilled with both bow and sword, and learning how to weave the magic of Minera’s Breath to form illusions and lies in battle, either lulling people into loving her before the drove a blade into their heart, or having them fight against her ten other times as an illusory army of herself accompanied her in battle. With these skills she has been sent to the physical world, to the kingdom of Belfrie in Tharador. There Kavaramon has tasked her with a secret mission to begin slowly turning the people of Tharador against their gods, the Tharameni, and against each other.

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