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Tiefling Druid - Noranor

Tiefling Druid - Noranor

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The child of a druidic couple, seemingly cursed with infernal features as some sort of sick prank by Nosmarka or Markamin. Nevertheless his parents remained optimistic about his heritage and Noranor has proven himself an adept druid, mastering flight shapeshifting at a young age, taking the form of a griffin as his favourite transformation. Though his transformations are never subtle as others, and his infernal horns remain apparent in all his transformations. He acts as a messenger and inbetweener through the Druidic Circles of Tharador, his swift flights meaning he can travel quicker than any who would walk and at less expense of energy and reagents than any sort of portal.

Born from a human druidic couple in Brel Alda in Draksborne, Noranor seemed to be a normal healthy boy until he reached the beginnings of puberty. As horns began sprouting from his head, his parents knew that their child’s soul was infused with some sort of infernal heritage. Where he would most likely be outcast in any other human household, he was still accepted and loved by his druidic parents. Raised as a druid his entire life, he was able to begin mastering shapeshifting from a young age as well. Though a flaw that sat within all his forms was the permanence of his infernal horns. Whatever he would change to would keep them, starting wild rumours of horned wolves and even horned rabbits in northern Draksborne.

Though his favourite and most liberating form was that of the griffin, which he had mastered while only twenty summers old, a form that can take even the most experienced druids decades to perfect. Thus with his swift wings, Noranor became the messenger and traveller between each of the circles, to deliver news and critical information that could not wait for a long walk, nor risk the travel and materials of a portal.

Happy-go-lucky though rather mischievous, Noranor is one to often pull tricks or toy with trespassers and hunters within the hallowed ground of druidic circles. Only in the most dire circumstances will he fall to violence. He has had several run ins with Markamin in moments alone in the woods, the great divine spurring the fascination for mischief that lives within him now, and too a fascination with fate’s chance, inviting Noranor several times to break druidic sanctity and enter the fey to visit Markamin within his own realm.

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