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The Protectors of the Cleansing Fire

The Protectors of the Cleansing Fire

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32 and 54mm options.

Within the depths of this release lies the enigmatic cadre of the Cleansing Fire. Clad in obsidian-hued armor and draped in capes ablaze with sinister flames, these dark knights and wizards are bound by a malevolent pact. Their weapons, imbued with unholy fire, lay waste to all in their path, perpetuating chaos and casting realms into unending darkness.
Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the 17 modular models capture the essence of these shadowy warriors, offering versatility and customization to bring forth your own tales of malevolence and dread. Two detailed busts stand as haunting tributes, embodying the strength and foreboding presence.
As an additional gift, delve deeper into this foreboding world with the inclusion of 20 models from the welcome pack, each offering a glimpse into the chilling narratives these models hold.
"The Protectors of the Cleansing Fire" in both 32mm and 175% scaled-up versions beckon those daring enough to venture into the dark recesses of imagination. With each print, these models whisper tales of malevolent deeds, evoking a shiver at the mere mention of their presence.
Embrace the darkness and wield the unholy fire as you breathe life into these ominous beings. Welcome to a release that dares to explore realms tainted by the unrelenting touch of the Cleansing Fire.

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