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Soulknife Half-Elf Rogue - Calanar

Soulknife Half-Elf Rogue - Calanar

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Those with psionic powers in Tharador are incredibly rare. Even rarer are those with elven lineage, for psionic powers seem to mainly manifest in humans. Calanar was the only sort she ever knew with her powers, able to move things with her mind and cast blades from air, yet different to those cast with magic. After years of enduring pain at The Grand College in Zwilling Zwei, Calanar no longer wished to understand her powers. Striking out in anger, she maimed her teacher and was sentenced to The Watchers for twelve years as punishment. Six years have passed now, half way through her sentence but still each day drags on as she wishes for a bit of excitement in an otherwise drab place. At least then it may mean her death.

From a babe Calanar’s parents knew she was different. Her elven mother knew nothing of psychic abilities, thinking the floating objects in the house to be some sort of ghost or apparition haunting them, causing them to move. Though the poltergeist seemed to follow each time they went, though never harmful. It was not until years after that they both noticed Calanar seemingly focusing on such a floating object that her human father was able to recall tales of ancient men in the first era who too could control things with their mind, a power separate from Minera's Breath. When Calanar came of age to twelve winters, her parents moved to Reichweite and had her enrolled in scholarship at The Grand College in hopes she would one day understand her powers. Though none in the college knew anything of such powers, and were in awe at the destructive and illusionary properties it could hold. She instead became an experiment for them, often running through complex drills and tasks that would leave her exhausted both physically and mentally. The worst would come when they began having her turn her powers into razor knives, used originally to slay deer and cows, that would eventually become prisoners and deserters from The Watchers. 

After she was forced to slay a Goliath pleading for its life, Calanar exploded in rage, severing the hand of one of her professors as a psionic dagger flew through it like it was only air. When news of the incident reached the Graf of Zwilling Zwei, the young half-elf was sentenced to twelve years of service in The Watchers, though she was only eighteen, and not even a woman by half-elf maturation. So the girl was wound in an environment where she was surrounded by criminals and madmen, though quickly she earned a reputation to not be trifled with after she individually broke each knuckle in the left hand of a man who attempted to accost her, without even lifting a finger. Six of twelve years have passed, though still young in appearance, Letzte Uhr has left Calanar with the worldview of a jaded war veteran, finding her sole friend and confidant in Ranger Jorrick who enjoys the quiet moments as much as her.

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