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Fiery Sorceress - Erimila

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A fey elf sorceress whose home was lost to Kelathar’s corruption in his return from Duskweave. Seeing Kelathar as human more than undead, she holds the blame against men themselves and the mortal world. She with the aid of other fey elves and spirits aims to sever the connection from Fey and Tharador by destroying the Pillars of the Ten’gwaël and the other doorways that remain through the realm. Then they Fey and Tharador can be at peace, though she realises this may condemn the woods of Tharador, she sees this as an inevitability regardless.


A sorceress well gifted with Minera’s Breath. Able to easily traverse between the Fey World and Tharador, she has seen first hand the greed and destruction of man. Thus she always felt more comfortable within the great forest-cities of her homeland than she did in the inverse above upon Tharador’s physical body. Much was learnt of the worlds by Erimila when she wandered Tharador, for none of her own kin were as learned as the scholars of Tharador’s universities. Though what they knew in history and magics they lacked in wisdom and respect for nature, many of the scholars she met justifying the slaughter of creatures and pillaging of forests to further their research and the goals of Tharador’s mortals.

Disgusted by the lives the Tharadori lived, she returned after a nigh century of studying and wandering, making the educated decision that the mortals of Tharador were to be left alone and build a track to their own ruin. That was until their ruin begun seeping within her own world, corruption spreading through doorways nigh invisible, as only one bead of water a time until eventually they formed a maelstrom, destroying swathes of bountiful forestland from the dreamscape. This sickly black corruption was of no natural make, and Erimila could only conclude it the product of some failed experiment of a scholar above in Tharador. Thus she saw the only way for the worlds to continue would be completely separate of each other. Riling the other Fey Elves and spirits, she begun her campaign to sever the connection of the worlds, destroying the pillars and the doorways between them so that their world can exist peacefully once more, never to be disturbed by Tharador again.

Hot headed in her pursuit, she has appeared on Tharador and begun her cutting of the tethers that bind the worlds, starting with Farlena, the doorway in the first mountain of the Tharameni and the one that seemed to flow through the most of the corruption. Though angered in her pursuit, she does her best to ensure the loss of as little life as possible, not wishing to bring complete misery to the inhabitants of Tharador, instead wishing for their lives to have no bearing on her own.


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