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Eldritch Mimics - Canos Streets MIMICS set

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Laser Tek Creations
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Set includes Gibbet frame, regular cage, Mimic cage and the Sarcophagus and Mimic Sarcophagus.

As Dragonblight’s grip tightens on the city of Canos, its roots dig deep into the very stone and foundations the city was built upon. Through this its corruption has begin to seep into places filled with macabre energy, transforming mundane objects into horrific creatures.

With Dragonblight tearing apart the residents of Canos, it has also begun to rip rock and stone from the very streets of the city itself. As its corruption begins to spread, the horrors take new twisted forms. Now this has begun to take on the form of powerful entities capable of slaying a foe in a single moment of surprise, engulfing their form and using it to bolster their own, or regurgitate their biomass into the beginnings of an Amalgamation.

Notable of these is the gibbet cages used to encage traitors, deserters and other dishonorable criminals, now ensnaring any victims who would be foolish enough to stand near them. Sarcophagi in the depths of the various chapels and temples through the city have also become a tool of Dragonblight to pull more victims into its hellish embrace.


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