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Eldritch Abomination Vessel - Ark of the Enlightened

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Laser Tek Creations
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As several Amalgamations mature and continue the growth of their monstrous form, their mass can no longer be propelled by a single individual host. At this point, several amalgamations will merge their biomass and their hosts, forming a new entity: an Ark of the Enlightened, as Hendrak himself calls it. The bodies betwixt in this gruesome collective of Dragonblight victims are all bound for ascension: humans who will return to Terra, should Hendrak succeed in his goal.

In this gargantuan form, the creature coasts among the clouds, gifted with a psionic levitation ability in this final form. Though quickly they can descend to rain death and destruction on those unfortunate enough to become the target of one of these unstoppable behemoths. Towers of stone fall as though they were sand beneath the bellowing might of the Ark and its powerful tendrils. Ships are torn apart like they were made of balsa wood, and those unfortunate enough to fall into the razor teeth of the creatures are eviscerated, their corpses quickly bolstering the mass of the beast soon after. Now they prowl the outskirts of Sundestra, tearing apart whatever hiding holes survivors cower beneath, and sinking ships before they can even gain a glimpse of a shoreline.


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