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Arcane Skies

Arcane Skies

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Brogvar - Champions of the Claw [Medium Sized Model - 25mm base]
Charys - Arcane Barbarian [Medium Sized Model- 25mm base]
Dorian - Supreme Invoker [Medium Sized Model - 25mm base]
Enira Stronka - Knight-Faith [Medium Sized Model - 25mm base]
Erestian - Arcane Agent [Medium Sized Model - 25mm base]
Fyrantius - Adult Mana Wyrm [Huge Sized Model - 75mm base]
Myreni - Elite Pegasus [Large Sized Model - 50mm base]
Nathaniel - Benevolent Bard [Medium Sized Model - 25mm base]
Netronids - Arcano Arachnids (three variants) [Medium Sized Models - 25mm bases]
Netros of House Verani - Arcane Artificer [Medium Sized Model - 25mm base]
Quisterian - Arcane Phoenix [Large Sized Model - 50mm base]
Rylena - Blade of Wisdom [Medium Sized Model - 25mm base]
Scarlett - Shadowfoot [Medium Sized Model - 25mm base]
Teverys - Arcane Paladin [Medium Sized Model - 25mm base]
Zyril - Brinilmin's Chosen [Medium Sized Model - 25mm base]
BUST - Teverys [120mm Height]
BUST - Zyril [120mm Height

Campaign materials: request these if you purchase from this set

97+ Page Full Length 5E Campaign Module (6-12+ sessions of playtime)
NEW Paladin Subclass - Oath of the Arcane Warden - Suppress and weaken the magic of your foes and enhance and protect your allies as a paladin who has dedicated themselves to mastery and understanding of the arcane threads that bind the world.
1x Full size A2 printable map of the kingdom of Leacianus
A fully fleshed out A1 printable labyrinth for your party to explore, get lost in and solve puzzles, all while being pursued by a deadly and seemingly unstoppable force.
2x Multi Session Side Quests within Nereznion that will aid the party in their assault
7x Original Battlemaps for you and your party to play in through the Flying Fortress of Nereznion
15x Original Statblocks for a level 6-8 campaign (including mob enemies and several tough boss fights)
9x Original Magic Items that can be attained throughout the campaign or given as rewards for encounters

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