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Ancient Black Dragon - Kurorgor

Ancient Black Dragon - Kurorgor

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A Dragon that has rested on Godless Isle since the Age of Creation. It has just awoken from its slumber. What has caused this sudden awakening is unknown, but the results have been devastating to say the least. Camps set up by Tharadori and Edradori explorers have been completely destroyed, and only one secluded camp now remains on the isle thanks to the dragonfire.

Kurorgor the Black was a Dragon under the sway of Mindoriel’s false promises during the Sibling War in the Age of Creation. When Mindoriel was defeated and her forces scattered, Kurorgor took off to a desolate plain of sea far from the influences of any of Tharador or Edrador’s gods. From here he bellowed and roared and tore a slice of the lands of Zandorion and brought them to him.

It was here that Kurorgor made his home, a lair deep in the heart of the isle - Kurorgor slept in slumber and hibernated for thousands of years as his resting place took on a life of its own. The creatures ripped from Zandorion evolved in their own ways on the isle, and centuries later the Anshani Empire from Edrador found and settled on the island. It was their drilling and mining that eventually woke Kurorgor, and he brought hellfire and blackish tar upon them, destroying much of the isle and their settlements in the process. But the Anshani did not relent, and now sought to detain the dragon and instead sap its immense power for their own use, and use its sedated body to further their own knowledge on draconic powers and biology.

So with an immense and potent sedative they at first put Kurorgor to sleep for a few days, giving them enough time to construct an elaborate contraption that would routinely pump more sedatives into the gargantuan beast for hundreds of years. Their Soulforged labourers and taskforce headed this operation - this stone and metal bodies more impervious to dragonfire than the flesh of their human taskmasters. However only a few decades into the research on the dragon was the Great Departure. A strange calamity in which literally overnight every single citizen of the Anshani Empire disappeared - all that was left behind was their Soulforged servants.

Eventually the Soulforged left on Godless Isle (or Little Tharador as the Anshani called it) forgot their duty and even the Anshani. So too did they forget of Kurorgor and the sedatives that kept him in slumber for centuries. Now the reserves have finally emptied, and Kurorgor has awoken enraged. Though it is no longer the Anshani that defile his home, but instead many races from many lands that he has no memory of in his last waking. All the same, they are intruders that will melt in his sickly tar-like bile and burn in their wooden homes.

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