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Alpha Giant Werewolf - Scrag Blackborne (100mm size)

Alpha Giant Werewolf - Scrag Blackborne (100mm size)

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The pack leader of the largest surviving werewolf pack left on Duskweave. Responsibility burdens him like a lead chains, for the survival of his kind upon the isle is left solely on his own leadership and decisions. Now the once decisive leader is filled with doubt as Kelathar’s return spells their return to war against the colonizing mortals.

Scrag had moved his pack to Duskweave nearly one hundred and fifty years before the battle that saw them displaced. News had reached him in Baldur of its cursing by a powerful evil, thus he and many other werewolves flocked there with their packs in full, pledging fealty to the lich in exchange for a place to live that didn’t see them hunted by mobs at the first sign of possible lycanthropy. Kelathar agreed to their plea, though quickly things turned dire for the wolves.

Just over a few months after their pledge, the Blackborne Pack came into contact with the Vampire Coven of Shelmere Hold – headed by the disgraced and presumed dead Arthur Belfrie, twin brother to Jochen Belfrie and co-founder of the Belfrie Sovereignty. Arthur and his followers thus treated the werewolves like cattle, herding and hunting them as they saw fit, meaning the vampires no longer had to hunt the wild animals of the isle. Kelathar refused Scrag’s pleas of assistance and halted any attempts he or other werewolf packs would make to leave, sinking ships with tidal wives or setting them ablaze.

Thus the deep woods became the home of the werewolves, who were forced to mostly abandon the homes they had made within the empty towns of the island. After the betrayal of Arthur and his coven against Kelathar, the Blackborne Pack found themselves free of being hunted by the vampires – for they had bargained with the mortals for betraying the lich in exchange for their own freedom. The vampires fled far beyond Tharador’s coasts, southward to the Bloodtrail Isles. Though worse than the vampires were the mortals, who constantly Scrag would lead the pack from in evasion as they hunted through the woods – skirmishes often breaking out between the two.

Now with Kelathar once more risen, Scrag hopes that he and his pack can finally find peace in the towns of Duskweave once they are rid of men and elves, though he too feels weary for their numbers are now thin – though the mortals too are weak from almost two years of infighting.

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