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Adventure Calls

Adventure Calls

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Belfrie is in a place of unrest and lawlessness. In the wake of the brutal Liturium War coming to its end, much of the kingdom’s law and order is stretched thin, with thousands of its soldiers and guards having perished in the war, and larger garrisons remaining in their foe’s occupied territory. Goblins, bandits, petty gangs and other creatures run amok in the kingdom. Where soldiers and guards would once deal with such trifling matters, it now falls on the shoulders of hopeful, would-be adventurers, wishing to restore order to their land.

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Included in the month's campaign is

  • 1x Starter Adventure Level 1-3 Campaign Module (3-6+ sessions)
  • 1x Fully fleshed out city - Tradver
  • 98 Page Campaign Book
  • NEW Rogue Subclass - Gambler - Roll the dice and leave it all to fate and lady luck. Your dice are more than mere tools of chance, they can tactically sway the odds, making every decision a wager in the game of fate.
  • 1x Full size A2 printable map of Belfrie, the kingdom the module takes place in
  • 7x Original Battlemaps for you and your party to use as they fight in the city and surrounds of Tradver
  • 10x Original Statblocks for a level 1-3 campaign
  • 5x Premade Character Sheets with backstories for quick play
  • 10x Original Magic Items that can be attained throughout the campaign or given as rewards for encounter

January's Campaign - Adventure Calls, aims to act as a stepping on point for a new adventure in Tharador, introducing players to the world and also to some key concepts of D&D and adventuring. As local muscle is spread thin, the Belfrian Merchant League must turn to a group of unproven adventurers to aid them, as bandits and goblins are seemingly cooperating in tactical strikes against their trade routes along the Tradver river, both by land and water. The party will uncover what devious machinations have led to such an unusual alliance.

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