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A new Leaf

A new Leaf

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March's Campaign - A New Leaf, acts as a conclusion to the events of Adventure Calls and Under Darkness, while also serving as a standalone module with its own self-contained story. The Dark Gods Seroca and Idinhelieth make one last desperate play after the folly of their disciple, Duke Conrad. His form twisted and marred, the reanimated Duke flees to the depths of the Elven Forests of Nan Thalias to accelerate the corruption that has lingered there for sixty years. The party must find him and put an end to all this madness once and for all, or the poisonous evils of the Dark Gods will claim countless lives as they wither away all the greenery in the land.

  • Conrad - Monarch of Many Faces [Huge Sized Model - 75mm base]
  • Garamundis - Corrupted Treant Elder [Huge Sized Model - 75mm base]
  • Garyck of Cinta Mar - Infernal Forest Guardian [Medium Sized Model - 25mm base]
  • Granny Nora - Voyeur Hag [Medium Sized Model - 25mm base]
  • Lizarin - Paladin of Renmaeth [Medium Sized Model - 25mm base]
  • Myrion Stoneheart - Soulforged Druid [Medium Sized Model - 25mm base]
  • Syldi - Feral Faeries (Three Variants) [Small Sized Models - 25mm bases]
  • Sylvia of the Fringe - Faun Enchantress [Medium Sized Model - 25mm base]
  • Verda - Vengeful Dryad [Large Sized Model - 50mm base]
  • Yilvorys - Wicked Treants (Three Variants) [Medium Sized Models - 25mm bases]
  • BUST - Garyck [120mm Heigh

If you purchase minis from this set from us you can receive the month's campaign:

  • 1x Main Adventure Level 7-9 Campaign Module (3-6+ sessions)
  • 2x Fleshed out Side Quests
  • 94 Page Campaign Book
  • NEW Bard Subclass - College of Beasts  - Learn to harmonize your art with the whispers of the wild, summoning and bonding with spirit animals and creatures that serve not only as companions but as symbols of the bard’s inner self and the wild energies they wield.
  • 1x Full size A2 printable map of Nan Thalias
  • 6x Original Battlemaps for you and your party to use as they fight through the forest
  • 10x Original Statblocks for a level 7-9 campaign
  • 3x Premade Character Sheets with backstories for quick play
  • 10x Original Magic Items that can be attained throughout the campaign or given as rewards for encounters
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