Welcome! About us.

Welcome! About us.

Well hello there! A little bit about us, we are a small business of 2 people, my wife and myself. She does most of the inventory, and all of the FDM printing, and I do the resin printing and fixing FDM when needed. We sell out of a local antique and collectible shop since September of 2023 and then decided to launch the web store.

We're also doing craft shows, have 2 under our belt and enjoying them, it's great to get that instant gratification / feedback as people are handling the merchandise, putting smiles on peoples faces at every age!

How did we get here?

Back in March 2023 I (Bryan) purchased a resin printer to make Warhammer figures for my (adult) son, and TBH I thought it may be cool to make some D&D figures for myself.

As it turns out resin printing is a messy, smelly, complicated process and I almost gave up, but dug in, got the correct protective gear, and learned to make it work.

My wife was interested in the business end and nagged me to no end to make a business plan, a SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity and threats) chart, and busted my chops to do "real" inventory, I figured we were small enough to order as needed but it's a good habit to be in and glad we did it early so we are used to it.

I got a FDM printer then to make bases and terrain, but I couldn't get it to work properly (yeah Ender, I am lookin at you!) and concentrated on the resin stuff. Then a couple months later I heard about Bambu printers, and while they don't make perfect prints out of the box every time, after a short learning curve I was able to make bases! Then a couple friends heard I had the gear and asked me to make them some stuff, which is where we ended up making the flexy critters like dragons and geckos.

I plan to put up some articles as we go, explaining printing, painting, gaming, and other cool stuff. I will likely have some guests create some blog posts as well, so please come along and enjoy the ride with us!

PS: The picture is a batch I printed for Stephen Pomaski who is one of my first "print as a service" customers. He's got some great chops painting as well, his work is featured on the "resin print as a service" category. These are after he'd assembled them, and I learned a bit about how to ship spiky resin figures without them breaking!

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